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Our friends at Modern Camper posted a sweet Q&A they did with us. If you’re interested in reading more about our trip, how we made it happen, and how we lived on the road, click HERE!


We didn’t so much drive across Canada as become possessed with our mission: Disney or Bust. Our initial planned route through the backwoods and small towns of ‘Murica was stymied by ICBC’s archaic and medieval insurance restrictions, so we made a beeline for the hills. 

oui oui

We spent more time in France than any of the other countries combined. That may not be a statistical certainty, but it sure seems probable.


The cuteness of the Welsh ponies in Wales was so overwhelming that I remember nothing else of our short time in the country.

oh, bless.

England gave us a welcome fit for the Queen. As it were, it was also the Queen’s birthday, so it seems the welcome was not entirely for us and was, in fact, actually for the Queen.

czech it out.

Our trip through the Czech Republic ended up being significantly shorter than my wholly unrealistic initial estimate of a three-week tour filled with folklore and medieval squares.


The little country that could. It is green. It is friendly. Its street food includes ‘burek’, which is basically a version of a croissant stuffed with cheese curds and fried. Slovenia, I love you.

ciao ciao!

After being lulled into a resting, dream-like state of existence in Provence, we realized just how much of the continent we’d not yet seen and mildly panicked. We have since made a minor push to get to eastern Europe, which meant that our time in Italy was cut much shorter than we would have liked. Truly, … More ciao ciao!


  Sometimes our version of perfect isn’t a deserted beach or unmarked road. Days like this, here in Tarifa, Spain, are how we re-charge our social batteries. We have met some amazing characters on the road, and I love learning about the motivations behind their decision to travel. There are people of all ages and … More #adventuremobile


We have left Portugal, which was as difficult a sentence to type as it is to believe. But, as it were, we are addicted to the open road, and there is still a lot of continent to explore.


I can’t say that coming to Europe during the shoulder season was entirely a conscious decision. Rather, after two years of saving and planning we sensed within ourselves a need to actually just go, before we continued saving for eternity and eventually settled on something more ‘responsible’ and ‘adult’ to do with our travel fund. … More off-season


Whereas France felt like home because we were so comfortable in a life not entirely dissimilar to our lives in Squamish, what I love about Portugal is that we are so far removed from that comfort and yet it still feels like home. The language is alarmingly unfamiliar, save for the few simple phrases we’ve … More portugal.

lunch buzz

  We sort of bombed through northwest Spain in our push for the south of Portgual. We wanted to stay, but knew we had to go. We could have spent six months exploring this coastline. Imagine, that it would be difficult to see an entire continent in under a year.


We spent three weeks in France and only 15 euros on camping. Finding wild camping spots is a tricky business, less about finding places that you are ‘allowed’ to camp, and more about finding places that you aren’t ‘not allowed’.

rocks. caves. bread.

After leaving Brittany we headed inland to escape the winter vacation crowds. All of the little roads snaking into wine country were positively dreamy-dotted with ruins of castles and charming towns consisting of little more than a boulangerie.


We are eating our way through France and I am going to level with you: it all leaves very little time for blogging.


England, abridged: We will be returning in a few months for an extended stay in her Majesty’s Kingdom, and our initial stay was so short that literally everyone we met thought we were very cool. We head south riding the wave of much back-patting and a lot of cheers-ing, with plans of our eventual return-where … More brilliant

ship, don’t shop.

We have surrendered stewardship of our most prized possession to the open seas. After careful consideration of the threats that include (but are not limited to) rogue waves, pirates, giant squid, and hungover longshoreman, we acknowledge that shipping our vehicle overseas seems, on paper, the act of a madman. When we made the decision over … More ship, don’t shop.

Vanlife Diaries

Stoked that Vanlife Diaries published my little blurb about our version of van life. Want the Coles Notes of our trip, family, and values?  Have a read: The Long and Winding Road  

Part I: how the Schengen Zone made me her bitch.

While there are varying visa restrictions throughout the continent for long and short-term stays, the majority of movement throughout the EU’s internal borders is protected by the Schengen Visa, a rule that governs 26 countries in Europe. The Schengen Area is a delightful (sarcasm) little area that consists of all the EU countries excluding Ireland … More Part I: how the Schengen Zone made me her bitch.

Barnies in Tofino

I learned a few things on our trip to Tofino last week. The first is to never ignore the inkling that there is something stupendous just around the bend. Secondly, I am most likely never going t,o become a Roxy girl.

Peru. Coles Notes.

My knowledge of the Incan civilizations prior to our trip was next to non-existent. While I would generally encourage even a working knowledge of local history when travelling, I can’t say that I really did that much research other than trying to  ensure that I wouldn’t insult locals or do something culturally insensitive. The one … More Peru. Coles Notes.

Immortalized in Print

I love this photo of our little family in our big van. There is something resolutely unnerving about sharing such a plan with the masses. This blog doesn’t necessarily count, as with my obsessive tracking of stats I am able to surmise that even if every single one of you think we are insane or … More Immortalized in Print

Camping Hacks

Camping Hacks A few of these have the potential to revolutionize van life. . . specifically, #9 & #33. The fact that they are food related is of no surprise to me.


I was served up some heaping portions of perspective this week. Our hometown of Squamish, BC is many things: a place that celebrates the only true measure of man’s worth (lumberjack competitions), host to a great excuse to call in the grandparents for three days of non-parenting (music festivals), and home to a plethora of … More Squampton

9 to 5

Working on the road=something I really need to work on. Some fairly important logistics (nourishment, occasional paid camping) will be relying pretty heavily on our ability to maintain some semblance of a career while on the road.


Camp Life. It’s not glamourous, despite the images you may have conjured of our shower-less family in matching onesies living in a van, but it’s good for the soul. Because of the mind-blowing capabilities of our 4wd home-on-wheels, we spent only four nights camped and set-up in State Parks. When we did it legit, this … More Glamour.